Mount Everest Climbing Tips

Making an ascent to the summit of Mount Everest is a dream every mountaineer seeks to fulfill. However, it is not as easy as it seems to make this ascent successfully. There are numerous things that need to be considered for a successful climb on Mount Everest. Here are some useful tips that one may follow in order to make their journey to the top of the world easy:

Tip 1: Thorough training is one of the vital ingredients for a successful climb. In order to be able to climb the Mount Everest, you first need to have a basic & thorough training in various climbing environments like, snow, alpine terrain, darkness, etc.

Tip 2: Physical fitness is of utmost importance for climbers since climbing requires a good amount of mental & physical strength. A controlled blood pressure & cholesterol is necessary to keep you warm & going.

Tip 3: Mountain climbing usually requires a good amount of money. Even the lowest budget trip to Mount Everest may cost you around $25-30,000. The best way is to go for scholarships that can cover your expedition expenses.

Tip 4: The best time to plan an expedition is in May as the weather is quite favorable during this period. You need to file for permits & send other necessary documents to the Nepal Ministry & Administration a well six months in advance.

Tip 5: Important things to carry along on an expedition include, tents, sleeping bags, climbing equipment ropes, first aid kits, laptop, walkie-talkies, trash bags, food, water, oxygen bottles, vision protection, satellite phones, padlocks, each of these pre-tested for cold conditions.

Besides the above mentioned important climbing tips, one thing to note is that it is always advisable to start your expedition early in the morning well before sunrise with plenty of supplementary oxygen.