Deaths on Mt. Everest

Mount Everest has for long allured climbers from across the world & continues to be every climber's dream. However the sore reality is that, the mount has also been the cause for endless deaths in the past several years.

Mount Everest standing at a height of 8,848 meters above the sea level on the border of Nepal & Tibet has over 200 people still lying dead on its slopes. These endless deaths along the slopes of the mountain continue to prove the grave dangers that exist for the climbers. Records suggest that one out of every ten climbs that is made to the summit has ended in death, with majority of deaths occurring while descending the mountain.

The staggering statistics as per a research conducted by the British Medical Journal from 1921 to 2006 revealed that, of the 8,030 climbers to the summit of Mount Everest about 212 died on the slopes of the mountain. Also, as against the 17% deaths that occurred while climbing the mountain, about 56% deaths occurred during the descent.

The "death zone" on Mount Everest is anything above the level of 8,000 meters where oxygen level becomes dangerously low making it difficult for the human body & brain to function normally. This usually results in cerebral & pulmonary edema ultimately causing death.

The worst part about these mountain deaths is that, a major percentage of the dead continue to decay on the slopes. This is because; any amount of additional weight in the dangerous weather conditions can be life-threatening for the rescuers. Thus, although Mount Everest remains to be the climber's paradise, it can also prove to be the shortest way to heaven.