Mt. Everest Helicopter Tours

Climbing up to the summit of Mount Everest is a dream for every mountaineer. However, not everyone is brave enough to go on alpine style Himalayan expeditions. The exclusive helicopter tours are for such tourists.

The Nepal helicopter tours offer a pleasurable & exciting means of touring the remote corners of the Himalayas while basking in the splendor of Nepal. Owing to the small landing space that this whirlybird needs, chartering a helicopter for enjoying the aerial sights of Nepal, the glaciated passes, snow-capped mountain ranges & of course the Everest is one of the most popular tourist activities.

The heli trek begins from the Tribhuvan International Airport across to the Himalayan ranges offering a clear aerial view of the valley, ultimately reaching the point from where one can enjoy a spectacular view of the Mount Everest. One major reason for most tourists to opt for these helicopter tours is that, these serve as an excellent means for people to experience all major attractions of Nepal without having to spend much time. Not only are these tours popular amongst tourists looking for an adventurous vacation or the trekkers but also for people on technical & scientific tours.