6 Days Yoga Package

This is a six day, five night yoga retreat designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your appreciation of yoga. Nepal has a rich yogic history and tradition, which will be brought to life for you as you experience the beautiful country and rich culture. Wake up each day to breathtaking views of the Himalayas!

Yoga balances the mind, body, and spirit, promoting overall well being and peace. Harmony and happiness are expected results of practicing these forms, which have been developed over millennia.

Participants will experience multiple yoga disciplines and exercises, each with a unique practice and benefit. From the essential poses of yogasana to the spiritual dhyana and the trance-like tratak, you’ll be taken on a comprehensive voyage of the art form. You’ll enjoy all this while lodging on our scenic, tranquil grounds, dining on light, delicious vegetarian dishes, and interacting with our experienced yoga practitioners and instructors. Your comfort, health, and overall experience are our main priority. Expect full guidance and total care and concern while you prioritize taking care of yourself inside and out.

Day 1

Before 5:30: Welcome to Kathmandu! We'll pick you up at the airport, then it's time for check-in. There will be a small briefing and time for rest before your first class starts.

5:30 - 6pm: Tea time. Herbal tea, concocted of steeped dried herbs and spices, is a caffeine-tree tonic known to regulate body temperature, cleanse internal impurities, and improve digestion.

6 - 7pm: Yoga class - mudra and dhyana yoga. Reflective and spiritual, these types of yoga are exceptional for clearing one's head, elevating the spirits and focusing energy.

7 - 8pm: Dinner time.

8 - 9pm: Tratak and discussion. You'll process the day's activities with a deeply meditative focus exercise followed by time to talk everything over afterwards.

9pm: Bedtime and lights out. Getting enough sleep and resting your body sufficiently is integral to fully experiencing your yoga journey.

Days 2 - 5

7 - 7:30am: Wake up call, informal yoga class, and tea. Greet the morning and welcome a new day with some stretching for flexibility and alertness, and enjoy an invigorating beverage.

7:30 - 9am: Prayer, warm-up, and yogasana. Spirituality and yoga are intrinsically linked, and beginning the day with prayer is typical. Let peace suffuse your soul as you move through the asanas, or positions, of basic yoga.

9 - 10am: Breakfast time.

10am - 1pm: Therapy, shower, internet, and cooking class. One of the essential benefits of yoga is a healthier, stronger body. You'll take time to focus on your mental and physical wellness, followed by some time to clean up before the rest of your day. Take just a bit of time to connect with the outside world and dispatch any necessary communication, then enjoy some instruction on delicious and healthful Nepalese cooking.

1 - 2pm: Lunch time.

2 - 3pm: Pranayama and yoga nidra. Draw your energy inward with yoga exercises devoted to focusing on breathing. Pranayama holds that the breath is one’s spirit-air and vital energy, and you'll practice controlling and extending your breathing cycles to manage stress and harness one’s willpower. After this, we’ll ease right into yoga nidra, which induces a deep state of relaxation most comparable to lucid sleeping.

3 - 5:30pm: Walk to local village. Savor the breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayas rising up in majesty all around you, and deeply breathe in the pure, oxygen-rich mountain air. You’ll experience a taste of authentic local life as you meet and interact with villagers at home and at work.

5:30 to 6pm: Tea time. Let our herbal blend suffuse your senses and enliven you for the evening’s activities.

6 - 7pm: Mudra and dhyana yoga. Practice and refine what you have learned about these reflective forms of yoga.

7 - 8pm: Dinner time.

8 - 9pm: Tratak and yoga discussion. Deep meditation and reflection on the day’s learning, activities, and experiences are the ideal precursors to a deep night’s sleep.

9pm: Bedtime and lights out.

Day 6

7 - 7:30am: Wake up call, yoga cleanse, herbal tea. On this, your last day, you'll start the morning with a purifying treatment meant to detoxify your system.

7:30 - 9am: Prayer, warm-up, yogasana. Your energy is more focused, your body is limber, and your mind is clear. It is astounding what this brief retreat can do for the whole person in terms of wellness.

9 - 10am: Breakfast time.

10am - 12pm: Shower, packing, and preparation for final departure. We hope that you leave us with a warm heart and a profound sense of wellbeing. Namaste.
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