Mt. Everest Permits

While the splendid white planes & the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas seem irresistible for many, there is a lot of labor that goes behind this truly alluring journey. Being one of the lucky few to make an ascent to the summit of Everest is not as easy as it seems. This requires a lot of paperwork & special permits.

In order to be eligible to climb the Everest, one needs to first get a permit from the Nepal Ministry & Administration. Though this is not a major issue, it is still better to approach the authorities through a local trekking agency. This way you would know exactly which papers to carry & also get the necessary appointments. The usual things required for an expedition permit especially if you are a leader include, a passport copy, passport pictures & a recommendation letter from your local Climbing Club or Alpine Association.

Once the necessary documents have been submitted you are required to file additional papers followed by a half-hour briefing by the Minister or associates. This is followed by a briefing by Ms. Hawley an exceptionally knowledgeable lady about Mt. Everest. A minimum of 7 spaces needs to be filled up by the expedition leaders who are also required to collect permit money from the other climbers. This is to be paid to the Ministry upon arrival in Kathmandu.